American Dream Evolved

American Dream Evolved

Today in English class we read and analyzed this article to connect it to the play we are reading, Death of a Salesman. We had to write a paragraph explaining if Dan Kadlec looks at my generation’s “American Dream” negatively or if it’s adjusting to today’s society and it’s not such a bad thing. The statistics used in his article contrast each other, so the reader sees both points of view.

The American Dream of today is different than what it was in the 30s. Back then it was about owning a house with a porch and raising a family with enough money to support everyone. Discussing it in class, there is no set american dream for my generation. Everybody has a different goal to reach in life, for example my dream is to be successful and live in Manhattan, but for one of my peers it could be to live in a mansion upstate New York and raise a large family.

My generation has hope and motivation for our future to succeed the American Dream. We all saw our parents, grandparents, and all the adults of their generations suffer from making wrong decisions unknowingly and barely making it during the market fall. Seeing them suffer motivates us to work hard and put ourselves in a position where we don’t have to worry about losing our job or owning a house only for it to be worth half the price it was when it was originally bought. Also, we have the advantage of having advanced technology, so we have access to any information we want 24/7. Yes, this makes everything much more competitive, but if we work hard, we can make it and become successful in whatever we want to do.


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