Letting Go

just some thoughts during algebra II/ trigonometry about a few “friends” of mine

it’s so easy to lose someone, or even push them away
some days you wake up and realize they’ve gotten in your way
you change every day, so do the people around you
and every different person makes you feel a different way
even if they’ve been in your life for so long, doesn’t mean your relationship will stay the same throughout the years
sometimes it’s just better to let go and find someone new
it’s possible that your closest ones are hurting you
you don’t realize the impact someone can have
until you let them go and you take a step back
sometimes it’s better to just let go and move on than to hold yourself back because of someone else’s wants
they can influence you in terrible ways, sometimes you just need to fly away.
to avoid drowning yourself for the benefit of someone else’s life, keep your distance and your head up, and avoid a relationship that’s a waste of time and full of lies.


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