New Year, Better Me

I’m not going to make unrealistic goals and disappoint myself like I have been every year. I just want to try to keep myself positive by accomplishing smaller goals every day, which will lead me to accomplish bigger ones in the future. These are a few things I will try to do throughout this year.

  1. Go to the gym as much as possible. No excuses.
  2. Stay positive. Never say negative things about other people.
  3. Study at least once a week (because lets face it, I’m not going to study any more than that).
  4. Write a summary of every day (or week), so by the end of the year I can go back and remember everything (because I forget things so easily).
  5. Eat healthy and try to fast once a week (or a detox day once a week).
  6. Try hot yoga- if I like it I’ll go once a month.

That’s it for now, but I think I can keep up with these 6 improvements. I have to stay committed. 


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