Another Rant About Love (somewhat)

I taught myself how to not fall for anyone, or even like anyone in a romantic sense. It just seems painful, mentally disturbing, and a takeover of your life. Everyone I’ve seen just seems miserable in their relationships, even in movies they’re always hurt and become depressed. I believe if I were to be in love, it should only make me happy and benefit me, someone who’s supportive, someone I can go on adventures with. All these girls change themselves for people they “love” which doesn’t make sense to me. If someone loves you, they should be with you, not some person you molded yourself to be. If you are yourself and someone doesn’t love you back, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you, it means that you’re not “meant to be” and there’s someone out there who will love every flaw in you. Girls have a hard time understanding this.

I’m patient. I’m not looking for a boyfriend. If someone comes along the way, cool. These girls are in a rush to be with someone, they can’t stand the thought of being independent or alone. Being single doesn’t necessarily mean you’re alone, it just means you’re single. You’re never alone, that’s why I don’t understand the other girls, they’re not happy with just their best friends? They need a relationship? Are they doing it for their image? I don’t get it! We’re only in high school, everyone is still changing and becoming different people, why can’t they just enjoy it and not be tied down? There are many years ahead for that serious stuff.

Nobody is fun anymore. I lost many friends because they get caught up in their boyfriends or are too concerned about their reputation. I don’t have any friends who stand for their own opinion, they just all blend into each other. They’re so caught up in this superficial lifestyle, they can’t have fun and be themselves! That’s what I want to avoid. That’s what relationships do to you. They ruin you (when they’re not with the right people).

I’m happy being independent and doing what I want. I’m not caught up in the whole popular scene, so I see everything from the outside and understand everything instead of being blinded by what I want to see, like everyone else.


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