Friendships vs Independence

I build these friendships when I am the only one constantly giving and helping my “friends” out. I don’t expect anything in return, but when they start taking advantage and not appreciating what I do for them, that’s when I get sick of it. I like helping others, just not the ones who expect it. I can’t be in a relationship where I don’t help the other out because that’s just wrong, but everyone else seems to be doing just that. I’m better off on my own and keeping my distance with others so I still have a social life, but can accomplish my goals without anyone interfering.

Ever since I was younger, I would catch myself in these situations with unappreciative friends, so purposely I would distance myself and remove them from my life, and they never made an effort to contact me when I did this, so I knew they weren’t worth it. These people are out of my life now, I shouldn’t have to deal with anyone who doesn’t make me a better person.

Recently I have cut out my best friend since 3rd grade because as we grew older, I realized she was the anchor in my life: always bringing me down, not supporting me, made me feel stupid, etc. Basically she only affected me in negative ways and I finally let go on the far-too-long-going friendship for good. Ever since I became independent, I have been a better person and accomplished so much on my own, without putting my happiness in someone else’s hands, which is a big mistake anyone can make.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been friends with someone, what matters is how they treated you.


1 thought on “Friendships vs Independence”

  1. It’s good to cut out negative influences in your life, but when I went through this particular part of my friendships, I found out that I was just doing more damage than necessary in some cases. I learned that it’s okay and even important to still keep talk to the old friends through out the day, but it’s completely okay to choose not to hang out or text them. Just a little insight 🙂

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