Winter: Leave. Spring: Where are you?


You’ve been here too long, it’s time for you to go

I can’t seem to do the things I want to

Where’s your neighbor? I need Spring.

I need to go on adventurous and be outgoing.


I need it since there’s no one who will share theirs with me

Where are you Spring?

Keep me company.



Listening to music that brings back memories, it makes me reminisce on how things used to be

Throwing me back to the old times we had, I try not to let it bring me down and make me sad


Day Dreaming

Getting lost in my mind

Detaches me from what I see with my eyes.

The separation of reality and dreams

Isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes relieving.

I love losing touch with whats in front of me

And explore what’s going on in my mind.

Getting attached to my thoughts

Can actually help me.

My own personal free-for-all

Nobody needs to know about.

Letting go of the “now” to dream and use my crazy, messed up mind, 

It’s something I look forward to, it helps me sleep at night