Winter: Leave. Spring: Where are you?


You’ve been here too long, it’s time for you to go

I can’t seem to do the things I want to

Where’s your neighbor? I need Spring.

I need to go on adventurous and be outgoing.


I need it since there’s no one who will share theirs with me

Where are you Spring?

Keep me company.


Day Dreaming

Getting lost in my mind

Detaches me from what I see with my eyes.

The separation of reality and dreams

Isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes relieving.

I love losing touch with whats in front of me

And explore what’s going on in my mind.

Getting attached to my thoughts

Can actually help me.

My own personal free-for-all

Nobody needs to know about.

Letting go of the “now” to dream and use my crazy, messed up mind, 

It’s something I look forward to, it helps me sleep at night