The Past

The past is strange

We do stupid things that we can’t take back,

But when we analyze ourselves from those past moments,

We realize we’re different people now

It’s as if that person wasn’t even us

We wish we could go back

Sometimes it’s good we can’t

Otherwise who knows what type of people we would be today if we could change our past

No matter how bad, the mistakes we made are the things that created who we are today

The past is strange…


Summer and Time

Summer gives me time to spend with myself

So much time I overthink who I am

Where I’ve been

Places I’m going

Summer feels like an endless time of freedom

No schedule to follow

It’s not what I’m used to

But it’s what I need

Old Friend…

The best feeling is when someone you haven’t talked to in a while contacts you out of the blue

You know you’ve been on their mind

Which makes you feel wanted in a different way than usual

That you had an impact on someone’s life

It makes you forget about the people and friends you see every day

It makes you think back to the old times you had with that person

Nothing drastic caused the pause in the friendship,

Just distance, new experience, a busy personal life, getting caught up in other things

There’s so much to talk about because it’s been so long

Each other’s presence makes the both of you happy

I just think it’s the best surprise and feeling a person could have from a relationship