Regrets or “Nah”

I do not regret not working my hardest in high school. All along it was my decision with how I pushed myself. With studying, I stayed within my comfort zone and did the amount I felt was needed to meet my expectations, if not, exceed them. I never wanted to, and still don’t want to, spend my free time memorizing words that mean nothing to me in reality. It’s just not who I am. I am happy that I maintained high 80s in my classes while keeping my social, physical, and personal life in good shape as well.

I feel bad for the people who regret not working hard. They knew all along what awaits them at graduation and decisions after it. People roll their eyes at me when I tell them I don’t regret working harder, especially since I’m not an A student. I know I could’ve bumped my grades up, but I also know that that’s not the most important thing. While everyone was focusing on school and the nonsense in textbooks, I would go home and focus on myself. I focused on my talents and hobbies that created the person I wanted to be. I know who I am and what I love because I gave myself the chance to become an honest, unique person. I have so many more goals waiting to be achieved. In the end, I think I achieved more than those who got ranked top 20 because they still need to figure out who they are and where they want to be since they were spending their only free time worrying about a number next to their name.


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