Elements of The Best Days

These few things are what I look for in a really good day. One that I can look back on and think “that day was one of the best days of my life.”

1. Laughter. No day is complete without good, genuine laughs with friends, or anyone really. It instantly puts anyone in a good mood. The more you laugh, the happier and more positive you will feel. It brings out the good in everyone. It’s nice to see that.

2. Adventure. Any day that involves a change in a daily routine. If it’s just going to a big city (Manhattan for me), or to a new cafe, meeting new people. I consider those adventures. It could even be something big like hop on a plane to go somewhere far away. Anything besides your usual routine makes any day a lot better.

3. Socializing. Who doesn’t love those days when you meet new people who expose you to new ideas? I usually meet these people in new environments of course, like a cafe (as said in #2), different town, maybe through a different group of friends than the usual. The best conversations are the ones with people you have just met and will rarely speak to again after that. When someone doesn’t know your background, it’s easier to have an honest conversation about anything. It’s refreshing from being with the same people all the time and listening to the same stories involving the same people.

4. Music. Discovering a new band with a friend and jamming to their music all day and night. Going to a concert you’ve been impatient to go to for months. Gathering people to make your own band. Writing a song. Learning a new instrument. These are usually included in the days I consider the best ones of my life, personally.

If anyone agrees, like this or comment below if you want to add anything. Everyone is different and enjoys different things. I would like to hear some other ideas!


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