a friend

i have a friend
she needs my help
she falls in love, too often
bad habit she can’t control

one smile and she’s on the floor
heart in her hands ready to let herself go
she doesn’t know herself nearly enough to know someone else
too insecure to be alone, too ignorant towards her potential

i want to help
make her realize
but there’s only so much i can say
for her to step back and see from a different side

please look at yourself
you know you’re not happy
you know you’re not where you thought you would be

please fix yourself
you don’t deserve the constant pain you put yourself in
you can avoid it, believe me

don’t fall for these losers
you’re my friend, but it’s changing you and pushing me away
don’t let them step on you, you give them the power to
take yourself back, show them the real you
fix yourself, give yourself a chance