can’t sleep, can’t dream
can’t keep the sheets on my bed neat
im tired, not sleepy, how can I fall asleep
all night I toss and turn and my mind has no rest
I’m half awkake the whole night, I can barely survive the next day
my head hurts, i have no break
between now and the morning
I need help, maybe another weekend
to tire myself out through the booze and get some sleep again
I miss it, just dozing off
deep sleeps and cleansed mindset
I doubt anyone knows
we’re all worn out from something
all have a different story
different excuses for being exhausted
some have it worse
but lacking sleep is one of the worst
it’s not my bed
it’s not my sheets
it’s not the lights fading above me
it’s probably my late night thoughts that attack me
without rest my body shakes
my mind races, my body gets hot
but the air is too cold
I can never be comfortable
I have to settle for something
I just need sleep
let me fall
give me a break
I need to dream and wake up clean of yesterday’s negativity

may 28th 12:05 am

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