Junior Year (so far)

All throughout middle school and high school, people would warn us younger students about Junior year. I always thought they were just exaggerating and trying to scare us upcoming Juniors. Well, finally my time has come and I completely understand what all the complaining and stress was about. I have only been a Junior for about 3 months and I’m mentally and physically drained, but I’m not even in accelerated classes. So far, I have been paying attention, participating, doing homework, so I expected I was doing well. I recently found out I am failing Algebra 2/ Trigonometry, which is strange because in class I get all the answers correct, but when tests come around I panic, over-think, and fail miserably. Also, Chemistry is a problem because I understand everything in class, but when I get my grades back I am always disappointed.

My problem is that when it comes to serious tests, conversations, or anything that can affect my future in some way, I get anxiety and cannot think straight. I know anxiety is a part of adolescence, but it is affecting me academically and I cannot afford to get back grades. Lately I have been putting in extra effort by doing additional practice on my own. I already feel like I am improving, but is it enough? All I want is to do well now, so I have more options in the future.


My First Post

My name is Emilie, a junior in high school, and I am very excited about starting a blog. I have always wanted to share my thoughts with the world, now I finally can. My blog will consist of my point of view on every day topics such as friends, high school, relationships, my personal problems, and health.