To The Moon

to the moon
i will reach
i will plant my star
in the deep, universe sea

a piece of the stars
was given to me
from the moment of my existence
a piece of my peace

to be one with this place
on earth I will stay
but I will reach the moon one day
to return the star it gave me that day


She Is Me

you used to talk to her every day

she always said something that kept your attention

no matter what she wore, she blew you away

she was easy going, there was never tension


maybe you did love her a little too much

she needed her distance and space

but to her, you were her crutch, trying to hold her up

let go, but don’t worry, you won’t be replaced


she feels guilty for making you fall

when she knew she wouldn’t be there long

but she had troubles of her own

you helped put her life in pause, but to her, you just didn’t belong


she had to go

I had to go

I’m sorry the feeling didn’t hold on strong enough to last long

I don’t know where my mind went wrong

Another Poem

Maybe you would understand if you were willing to take my hand

and take a step into my world, so many stories I kept to myself, for so long they were untold

I hope you’re worth trusting because I know I’m not perfect, so don’t run away 

they say I’m just another brick in the wall, but without me the walls would fall down

my mind is a different place than any other, so it will take some getting used to

i don’t think anybody has understood me the way I think you do

I’m afraid my differences will be too overwhelming, so you’ll leave me, but it’s worth the heartache

Fight Against My Own Mind

my mind is running wild

i can’t keep it tamed

it jumps around and causes pain.

from thought to thought, there is no break

another day of self conflict.

I want it to stop, it needs to now

it’s breaking me up, I need to shout them out.

my mind takes over, my body follows,

it’s a game between my mind and heart that’s so shallow.

I’m trying to run from myself,

but i end up falling into hell,

and find my head burning and spinning,

I yell and cry for help.

the one who has caused this

will always be me

so I have to take my own hand

and guide myself to set my mind free.

this fight against myself will end,

I will win against my mind

I will stand taller and stronger to leave it behind